If I am not [true to myself], I miss the point of my life, I miss what being human is for me.
- Charles Taylor, The Malaise of Modernity

Friday, August 2, 2013

An Oasis at Knight and 33rd

A red light is almost always a frustration in traffic. Yet, when the light turns red at Knight and 33rd it is a blessing. It provides a little time for me to pause and appreciate the herons calmly presiding in their rookery. Jeannie Kamins' mural covers the entire side of Kona Stained Glass. It is an oasis between the trucks and horns of frantic traffic.

A few weeks ago, my car came to rest at this favoured intersection. Imagine my horror to see the herons no longer at rest, but smothered by huge blocks of angry black paint. A hideous mar on the mural and my journey.

And then, perhaps only two weeks later, my pleasure to see that, despite the defacement, the herons returning to their roost once again. Their wall habitat an oasis once more.

Thank-you Ms Kamins.

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  1. Thank you Zinnia, I always like it when people appreciate my art.

    The image of the rookery is to point out to the audience that rookeries is yet another natural wonder that is fast being lost to unbridled development.